A good sale to Madrid.

(Originally sent to our Premium subscribers on August 21st, 2021)

Madrid, Spain – Photo: Bobo Boom via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Sample Travel Date:

  • Sample from Los Angeles
  • March 15th – 22nd, 2021
  • This is just ONE SAMPLE travel date, for more availability, please follow the “Fare Availability” and “How to Search for Availability” instructions below

Fare Availability:

  • Valid for travel from January 2021 – mid March 2021. Availability is limited. Must purchase at least 28 days in advance of departure.
    • Also available from late March 2021 – early July 2021 for an extra $150 or so
    • No availability from Los Angeles in January 2021
  • Please note that while this fare is valid at time of posting, if this post is more than two days old, the fare is likely gone.

How to Search for Availability:

Fare Class:

  • I

Seat Type:

  • US – Mexico City: Recliner
  • Mexico City -> Madrid: Lie-flat

Direct Aisle Access:

  • Within the US: No. Planes are 2 x 2 seat configuration
  • US – Madrid: Yes. 1 x 2 x 1 seat configuration


  • LAX – MEX (Mexico City) – MAD (Madrid) – MEX – LAX


Aeromexico is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance and Delta partner. Mileage earning with Delta is as follows:

  • Miles Flown: 14,358 miles
  • Elite Qualifying Miles: 28,716 miles
  • Redeemable Miles: 21,537 miles
  • Elite Qualifying Dollars: $5,743
  • Elite Qualifying Dollars / Spend Ratio: 4.08x

How to Buy:

  • Support us by using our Expedia link to book with dates found on Google Flights.
    • If you are crediting to Delta, sometimes it does not credit correctly or at all. Our advice is to take a screencap like we done here with the fare class explicitly shown. Expedia is better for this than booking via Aeromexico because it shows the booking class – better to show Delta should you need to file a missing mileage credit request with them



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