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Emails from Newsletter
We collect emails for use with our The Flight Deal Premium Newsletter. We do not rent or sell our email list. We currently use Mailchimp to deliver the email to you.  Mailchimp also allows us the ability to deliver marketing campaigns on behalf of advertisers – to date, we have not delivered any campaigns, but the capability exist. In the event that we do run an email marketing campaign on behalf of advertisers — the advertiser will NOT have access to your email as we will not rent or sell our email list ever!  In addition, Mailchimp has its own policy on emails.

We do not set any cookies. However, we do use Google Analytics and Mailchimp for this service. They will set a cookie when you visit the site or open the newsletter. You should visit their site for their policy on cookie usage

We use Stripe for payment processing. You should visit their site for their privacy policy

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